Contact Lens

Need a Contact Lens Fitting in Fort McMurray? Come to Eye Image!

Have you ever considered wearing contact lenses to correct your vision instead of glasses? Eye Image provides contact lens fitting in Fort McMurray for patients of all ages. Our contact lens assessments can be completed in addition to a complete eye exam upon request. When you schedule a contact lens assessment, we’ll go over type(s) of contact lenses for you, as well as provide an assessment of your contact lens vision and fit and recommendations for taking care of your contact lenses in the future. During your eye exam and the subsequent contact lens fitting appointments, you can expect us to:

    • Assess your overall eye health (we’ll be checking for the development of any serious eye diseases, including keratoconus or dry eye)
    • Determine the shape and curvature of your eye (this ensures that we focus on contact lens brands that are ideally suited for your maximum comfort)
    • Show you how to properly care for, store, insert and remove your new contact lenses
    • Ensure your contact lenses fit you properly before you make a purchase (they should be comfortable and provide you superior vision)

Explore Your Many Options with Eye Image

If you’ve ever thought about being fitted for contact lenses in Fort McMurray, now’s the time to schedule an appointment for a complete contact lens assessment, exam and fitting at Eye Image. We encourage you to learn more about your options, so you can always make an informed decision about your eye health!